Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How can I find if my bat is legal for ISF events or not?

  2. Why can’t I find team rosters on the website?

  3. What happened to the Greek Olympic team section from the old website?

  4. What happened to the 2004 Olympic Softball page?

  5. I’m doing a paper on softball.  How can I find out about its history and rules, etc.?

  6. I need to e-mail the ISF with a question but don’t know who to direct it to.

  7. Where can I see some photos?

  8. I want to play on your team.

  9. I want to find a team overseas that I can play on.  How can I do that?

  10. Can I just go play softball in/for another country or do I need permission from someone first?

  11. We’re organizing a tournament and want to get international teams to participate.  How can we do that?

  12. I need directions to the ISF facility.

  13. Who takes all the pictures that are at the top of the website pages?

Answers to questions above:

  1. Bats can only be used in ISF competitions that are from manufacturers who participate in our certified bat program.  Furthermore, only their bats that passed the testing to meet ISF standards are allowed to be used.  We only list the bats on our site that are (1) from the manufacturers that participate in our program, and (2) have successfully passed laboratory testing to meet our criteria.  We don’t have a “banned bats” list.  Simply put, if the bat is not listed on our site, it’s not ISF approved (in some cases, yet).  Click on the Rules & Standards option in the navigation bar at the top of the right-hand column (and then Certified Bats from the flyout menu) to see which manufacturers participate in our program and which of their bats can be used in ISF competitions.

  2. The website of the national federation/association whose roster you are looking for would likely have that team’s roster.  The ISF is the world governing body for the sport of softball, so we don’t have any teams – our members do.  See the Directory/Member Countries page (off of the “The ISF” option in the navigation bar at the top of the right-hand column) for links to websites of some of our member countries.

  3. That area was not carried over to our new site, as it had become outdated following the conclusion of the 2004 Olympic Games, though we chose to leave it up for the first half of 2005 anyway.  The Greek federation, however, continues to work to promote softball in that country and can be contacted via the information on the Directory/Member Countries page in the “The ISF” section of this site with any questions you may have regarding their national team or anything else relative to our sport being played in Greece.

  4. It’s still available here.

  5. There are a number of resources on our site that would likely be of use for such an assignment, like the history of softball, an ISF Timeline, softball terms, What Is The ISF, Rules, and Past Events.

  6. Go to the Contact Us page (via the option at the top of the tan-colored section in the right-hand column of every page) and then single-click on the person’s name in the left-hand column to get a bio, which includes what they do at the ISF.

  7. Lots of places.  Most of them are in the past events pages, though there are also some in places such as – but not limited to – the 2004 Olympic Softball page, the ISF Timeline (historical-type photos), and even in the Development section (follow the flyout menus to Education & Resources, then Skills).

  8. Many times we get e-mails or letters from individuals stating "I want to play on your team."  It's important to note that we are not a team and we don't have any teams.  We are the world governing body for softball.  The national governing body for softball in 127 countries around the world are our members.  It is them that you would want to contact about playing on one of their teams.  See the Directory/Member Countries page on our website in the "The ISF" section.

  9. The Message Board on our website allows people to post in a variety of categories.  Locate the one relative to the word you want to put out – or just put it in the General Discussion category – and follow the easy steps to get your message online.  Then sit back and watch for posted or e-mailed replies.

  10. Players wishing to play softball in another country must use this form.

  11. Similar to the answer to question #9, the Message Board on our website is a good way to publicize the fact that you’re seeking teams for your tournament.  Post your information there (a helpful tip is to include a website address for your tournament, if available) and then watch for posted or e-mailed replies.  ALSO, if there are only certain areas you want to target teams from, contact the national softball federation there by using the link on the country name on the Directory/Member Countries page (off of the “The ISF” option in the navigation bar at the top of the right-hand column).

  12. The ISF is located in Plant City, Florida (USA), which is between Tampa and Orlando (closer to Tampa).  Tampa International Airport is the most commonly used airport for individuals who are flying in with the intention of going to the ISF.  It is approximately 30 miles away.

    As for driving directions, the ISF is located at exit 22 off of I-4 (which, for those flying in to Tampa, can be reached via 275 North).  Signs will indicate Plant City Stadium, Hillsborough County Community College, and Park Road.  Once off exit 22, head south for approximately three miles, and our complex will come up on the right-hand side (you’ll see the Randy L. Larson Softball Fourplex first, which is part of the ISF headquarters complex).

    Disneyworld (in Orlando) is approximately 45 minutes (east) from the ISF.



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